TNTina Origin Story… FEAT. DEADPOOL! (A Fortnite Short Film)

TNTina Origin Story… FEAT. DEADPOOL! (A Fortnite Short Film)
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Ryan Reynolds here! Okay not really, it’s just another Deadpool voice… You think NewScapePro would really have the money to swing Hollywood’s golden boy himself? Anyways, this is technically the story of TNTina, or more specifically, the TNTina triplets and it’s just narrated by me, Deadpool. The Fortnite Deadpool that is, from Fortnite Island Chapter 2 Season 2. But c’mon, narrators can be stars too. I mean, did you really see March of the Penguins for the penguins, or to hear the silky smooth baritone of Morgan Freeman? But I digress, let’s get right into it, because this story starts off with a BANG!

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