Fortnite Memes That Will Change The World

Fortnite Memes That Will Change The World
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Some memes are from them, so here their recognition:
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Lorex_15 (Jump meme):
DenVids (Fisherman):
Kluggie (SW 1st trailer):
Vyper Plays (Bot Wrong coded & Chapter 2 Trailer with memes ):
DobiX (SW 2nd trailer):
DobiX (Darkfire Trailer)
AssassinGamingXD (Fortnite horror game):
HeyItsYonder (Troll under bridge):
zeromusRISING (Pwned by Zombie)
FuriouzM (SelfRPGed ):
NotAnOSUCop (Umbrella nonscope):
MichaelTheMage: (Coral Dancer):
Lukeup13 (Sharpshooter dance):
travihz (3 in 1 trap):
dagerdev (Evil Lynx):
andrewbrownnn (Countdown killed):
Gamin Empire (Enemy in bush):
TheLazyDucky (Bots fight):

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